Student Spotlight Shines Brightly on Audrey Kellogg

By: Caroline Smyth 

     Audrey Kellogg is a hardworking and beloved senior at Eisenhower High School. The daughter of Mandy and Brandon Kellogg, and a member on her varsity fall cheer team, Kellogg has always been active. To learn more about this shining student, The Squire interviewed her about the school year and some of her favorite moments.  

     When asked about her favorite memory, Kellogg knew exactly what it was – the moment she was crowned Homecoming Queen. Senior year is packed full of excitement and emotion, and being Homecoming Queen is a great memory to have. She shared, “My favorite memory this year was winning Homecoming King and Queen with one of my best friends, Bailey.” Just winning is a dream for a lot of girls, but getting to be with one of her best friends was the cherry on top.  

     The senior talked about her favorite subject and how she apologizes to her teacher for forgetting most of it. “My favorite subject this year is Statistics, but I already forgot what I learned (sorry Mrs. Joncas),” Kellogg explained. Her teacher may not agree, but they do teach her favorite class.  

     During each school year, it is always great to have a good friend to endure it with. Kellogg expressed this, having her best friend with her every step of the way. The senior stated, “A person I can always count on is my best friend, Jordyn. She is always there for me through every situation.” True friendship can be one of the best things about high school and this is clearly the case for this graduate.  

     As a senior, Kellogg shared with The Squire the movement that happens as she is preparing to go to college. She is planning to choose a career as a veterinary technician, and, though she is excited, moving on means there will always be something to miss. 

     The Squire asked about Kellogg’s top memory that she would miss about her high school experience. She responded, “As a senior, I’m going to miss cheering on Friday nights.” Cheerleading was a major part of Audrey’s time in high school and leaving means she is leaving her career as a high school cheerleader.   

     The support and love from her friends and family can help as she goes to the next chapter of her life and becomes a part of society. As many know, it is hard to go when so much of her life was spent in the walls of Eisenhower High School, but the future holds great things for Audrey Kellogg, and her name will not be forgotten.        

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