Aiming for Success this Archery Season

By: Lydia Larson 

     As the leaves begin to change color, hunters are climbing into their tree stands this fall. Archery season this year in Pennsylvania began on October 2 and will end November 19. Many students and teachers here at Eisenhower archery hunt. One teacher in particular, Mr. Stimmell, knows more than most people about archery hunting. He has been hunting for his whole life, so, The Squire sat down with him to ask a few questions about this season.  

     People have been preparing for archery season for months now, and Stimmell gave us the advice to “Scout, scout, scout! Prepare your stands and blinds well before season so deer get used to them. Make sure you practice shooting enough, too.” Along with his advice, The Squire recommends you should plant food plots early in spring near the spot you have your stands so deer will get used to heading there to feed. According to, “Abundant leafy forage during hunting season will equal more deer on your food plots. Triticale has sucrose levels that surpass wheat, oats, and other triticale varieties and is the sweetest forage cereal grain you can plant. It also contains winter peas and annual clovers that emerge quickly to provide early forage.”  

     When archery hunting, there are different brands and styles of bows you can use. Most people use a compound bow or a crossbow. The Squire asked Stimmell what the best bows are to use when hunting. He replied, “It’s up to you. [Use] what you feel comfortable with or like. I shoot a Matthews. Some shoot Bow Tech or Parker. It’s up to you.”  

     There are many factors going into harvesting a monster buck, such as dressing in camo, hiding your scent, picking the perfect spot for a stand, finding the bucks, and planning. Stimmell told The Squire that in order to harvest a big buck you need to, “Hunt the rut. Focus on the does, as the bucks will follow. Be smart and think things through. They don’t get big by being dumb.” Stimmell’s personal best buck was a large 8 point with a 24-inch spread and long tall tines, which also scored 141. He told us it was a blessing when he found it and he was elated.  

    For those of you just getting started with archery hunting, Stimmell said, “BE PATIENT! Be quiet. Do your scouting and homework ahead of season. Ask questions from seasoned hunters. Be a sponge and soak as much as you can in. Enjoy your time out there and shoot straight.”  

     As season approaches every year, most hunters are nervous yet excited. When asked how he felt heading into archery season, Stimmell shared he was more excited for his daughter than himself, since it is her second season hunting and they are both very excited. The Squire hopes you take in some of this advice and end up harvesting a great buck or doe this season! Share your successful hunting pictures with The Squire by using #EHSSquire to be featured on our social media pages. 

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