Get Crafty This Halloween

By: Maya Swanson 

     Halloween is right around the corner and it’s the one night a year where you can dress up as whomever or whatever you want, so you might as well get crafty for it. Whether you need a last-minute costume or you just don’t want to buy one, The Squire is here to help. If you are going out in a group or staying home to pass out candy, these few quick and easy costumes will not disappoint this Halloween season! 

     The Squire interviewed the home economics teacher, Mrs. Alexander, for a few tips on how to make sure your DIY costume is a success. She said first, you must prepare and plan. She suggested, “Open google and search easy DIY costumes. The costumes are endless and sometimes they give you inspiration to change and modify it into your own.” Once you find that picture, look around your house to see if you already own any of the needed pieces and, if not, Mrs. Alexander advised going to Michaels or Joann’s Fabrics to purchase the supplies you don’t have at home.  

     According to “,” a few of the top Halloween costumes this year include Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, a cow, Alexander Hamilton, a quarantine couch potato, and The Masked Singer. You could easily DIY a cow, by simply buying a white shirt from Amazon or Walmart and adding a few cow prints with fabric markers. For the final step, grab a hat or headband and cut out some ears from construction paper and hot glue them on. In those few steps, you made a cute and simple cow costume.  

     If you are heading out with your significant other on Halloween night, there are tons of costumes to choose from, but here is a step by step tutorial on how to become Sully and Boo from Monsters University in just a few steps. 

1st Step: To recreate Boo, find a pink shirt and purple leggings from Walmart, Amazon, or even your closet. 

2nd Step: Then just throw your hair into two pigtails and grab a stuffed animal. 

3rd Step: Sully will need a blue shirt and blue pants or shorts. 

4th Step: Cut out spots from purple felt for your monster spots. 

5th Step: For the next and final step, you can use fabric glue to attach the purple spots to the blue shirt or you could sew them on with a machine or by hand. 

     Even Mrs. Alexander has made a few fun costumes over the years. Some of her favorites were the purple grape from Fruit of the Loom, a M&M, and, as for her children, Mario and Luigi, a lumberjack, and a gnome.  

     These are just a few Halloween costumes you could make at home and, with Covid-19 guidelines changing every day, incorporating a mask with your costume is always a good idea to stay safe. We hope this gives you a few ideas on how to make your costume a little more customizable this year and as Mrs. Alexander said, “Homemade costumes are always more memorable!” 

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