Springing into Warmer Weather

By: Cody Anthony

With the dreary winter weather finally behind us, everyone is eager to get outside to enjoy the springtime air. A common thing to experience during the long winter months is a condition known as Cabin Fever. Cabin Fever occurs when a person starts to desire the nice outdoors, due to the poor weather conditions, which force people to stay indoors. When spring finally rolls around, however, the nice warm weather brings everybody outside to enjoy it. With this warm weather also comes many activities in which to partake, especially in our area.

First and foremost, is the gaggle of springtime chores around the yard. This may include picking up sticks, raking gravel, putting up outdoor decorations, and many other things to clean up from winter. When you’re finished with these chores though, there are hundreds of ways to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

The forest is a good place to start having fun outside, as it offers up a bunch of possibilities, including but not limited to, hiking, camping, bird watching, and spring hunting. Some local places to hike include Chapmans Dam, Hearts Content, and Hickory Creek.

Sports are another good area for teens to explore because springtime brings with it many sports, including track and field, baseball, softball, and Trap. Sports all start at the end of March and usually end around mid-May. Sports are a great way to get outside and get some good exercise.

Other outdoor activities you can do at home include things such as gardening, bike riding, and even something as simple as reading a book on your porch can be a relaxing way to enjoy the warm weather. Spending time outside is a good way to relive stress and is a healthy alternative to watching TV. The sun is also a very good source of vitamin D, so in every way it is healthy.

To get some more insight on the issue, The Squire hit the halls of Eisenhower to see what other people enjoyed most about the springtime weather. Due in part to the abundance of good game land in our area there were several people who enjoy springtime hunting the most. For others, it is the warm weather, allowing for swimming and boating. For a select few, the best part of spring is the ability to start work again. Winter is a tough month for people who make their money doing yard work and mowing lawns, so when spring finally rolls around it is a joyous time to start working again. Brodie Whitney says “I can’t wait too get back out there and get my business going again”.

So no matter how you spend your springtime, whether it be working, or relaxing by the pool, we can all agree that it is the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors!


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