Exploring the Trendiest Prom Looks of 2019

By: Miranda Mong

You’ve waited the whole school year for this night, and now it’s finally time to dress up and dance the night away with your friends. Many things contribute to the perfect prom night: the people, makeup, hair, and, of course, the dress! If you are dreaming of the perfect prom dress, be sure to stay on point by knowing all the latest trends for prom dresses in 2019.

Having the perfect prom dress is essential for a night that you’ll want to look back on years down the road. From the puffy sleeves and bright colors of the ‘80s to the glam of today, prom dress trends have changed drastically from year to year. For 2019, here are the top prom dress trends:

Ball Gowns

Ball gowns are back, as if they ever really left. Ball gowns provide that elegant fit and flare look that is flattering to every body type.  What is so wonderful about this style of dress is that you can find it in every color and print. There are a lot of red, navy, glitter, and floral prints for dresses this year. On top of that, some designers are including pockets. You’ll look great and be able to keep your phone on you to capture the memories!

Glitter Gowns 

Glitter is here in full force for prom 2019! Glitter fabric is huge in 2019 and is appearing on all styles of prom dresses. Sparkle your way through prom and make a statement with a glitter dress.


This has been a trend for the past few years and continues to stay relevant in 2019. Two-piece prom dresses feature a cropped top and is paired with a long, flowy skirt.  Prom-goers love these because they come in a range of styles, from ball gown skirts to a mermaid look. Two-pieces are fashionable and trendy while also reusable for different outfits after prom. Two-pieces are coming in lots of prints and styles, including full skirts, floral prints, and more.

Illusion Gowns

Illusion gowns are here to make a statement. These designs let you show a little bit of skin but still give off a sophisticated and glamourous vibe. The illusion comes through with lace or beaded accents that bring some elegance to the gown. These designs come in practically every style, and are both trendy and classic at the same time.

High-Low Gowns

High-low gowns were popular a few years ago, but a new twist on this look has made its appearance for the 2019 prom season. High-low gowns are pretty well described from just the name. They have a shorter hemline in the front that fills out to a full skirt in the back. This look is both formal and casual at the same time. In 2019 these dresses have a new twist with an asymmetrical look to the side. The asymmetrical approach is very unique and eye-catching.

Rose Gold

You’ve probably seen rose gold take over in accessories, phone cases, and practically everything. Well, rose gold is making its way to prom dresses in 2019. Rose gold is a beautiful color and is making an appearance in all different types of styles. This color is soft while still being attention-grabbing. In 2019, it’s hard to go wrong with rose gold.

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