Dancing into Prom

By: Rachel Frederick

As spring is finally approaching, so is the time to start getting ready for Prom. Everyone loves everything about the night: the decorations, the music, and, most importantly, the dress shopping. Prom is the night where everyone can hop on the dance floor and have the time of their life. Whether you go solo, with a date, or just attend with a group of friends, Prom is the night where everyone can join together and have fun as one group. Prom is still in the planning stages, and Prom Committee is hard at work to make this year’s dance memorable.  The Squire sat down with Prom Committee member, Alexis Courtney, to help explain more about what to expect at the big dance.

Prom is a night full of beauty and class, making everyone happy and joyful, but behind the scenes, one of the most important decisions is what theme the dance will be. To choose a theme, all members of the committee throw out some ideas, take out the ones that they really do not think would work, and then vote.  Then, the majority wins. This year, the theme will be “Under the Knight Sky,” with the color scheme being mainly black and gold. Because those are the main colors the committee would like to use, they want the night to look elegant, but also be subtle. They do not plan to put any crazy decorations up; they instead would like to make it lovely.

Prom will take place at the Conewango Club in Warren again this year. According to Courtney, “We booked it [The Conewango Club] a while ago to make sure we got it, but it is a nice and friendly place to make the night even better.” Because the D.J. they originally were hoping for was double-booked, they had to find a new one, and quickly. “It was hard,” says Courtney, “but we all put in effort to search and found a good one.” Although finances can be challenging when it comes to planning, money has not been an issue for prom committee, as they have everything covered and their fundraisers are doing great. The ticket prices are going to be $25 for a single and $50 for a couple. Tickets will be for sale in Mrs. Barnett or Mrs. Samonsky’s rooms from Monday May 6 to Thursday May 30. Tickets are pre-sale only and will not be sold at the door.

Adding on to what sounds like will be an amazing night, of course, Prom-goers will attend the annual Prom walk, which was actually started just last year. The Prom walk is where all students attending the dance can bring their parents to go through and enjoy the scenery of their night. During this time, the king and queen will be announced and crowned so everyone can hear all at once. There will also be appetizers at Prom for anyone who would like to eat there instead of going out, or if students just want a snack while they’re on a break from dancing. The photo booth will also make another appearance this year since everyone, according to Courtney, “Seemed to love everything about it last year.” Everyone enjoys something about the night, but it could be different, depending on who you ask. Courtney told The Squire that she, “…like[s] dressing up nice and enjoying the night out with friends.”

The Squire wants to thank Alexis for her answers and also wants to give a huge thank you to the Prom Committee for everything that they are doing to make this a wonderful night. The committee is working very hard to make sure the seniors enjoy one final round of high school dances. Although this is the seniors’ last dance, Prom is also the perfect time for juniors to have one of the best nights of their lives and enjoy the dance they put so much time into. Even the teachers who come to chaperone have an amazing night and enjoy it with the students. The Squire hopes everyone gets to enjoy their Prom. Stay tuned to W-IKE news as the big day gets closer.

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