Diving into Summer Vacation

By: Ayla Valone

Thinking about taking a summer vacation, but worried you might not have the cash you need to make it happen? What if I told you that you could do it at a lot cheaper price than you think? The Squire is here to tell you that you can take a relaxing trip with your family or friends this summer. Our country has many different and fun environments; you just have to know what you want. You can find many beautiful places here in the states, for a low price.

One of America’s biggest attractions is the Grand Canyon. Tourists come from all across the world to see the magnificent site. The canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and attains a depth of over a mile. If you love hiking and the outdoors, this might be the place for you. Though the roundtrip flight to Arizona costs around $250 to $400, that could be the most expensive part of the trip if you’re careful. Also think about flying into Flagstaff instead of the neighboring airports like Las Vegas or Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. Hotels around the Canyon can be expensive, so to save some money bring a tent and plan on camping. This will save you much more money than paying for a hotel. If you decide to camp, then bring extra layers because it gets cold in the evenings when the sun is not out. You are also going to need a backcountry permit, which you can find information about necessary forms and fees on the Nation Park Services website. Some tips from travel.usnews.com is to think about ditching the rental car and taking the shuttle bus instead. This will save you more money than paying for an overpriced rental car. The Grand Canyon can get quite hot in the popular travel months, so possibly go later in the season in August. At this time, it will be much cooler then July or June. The website, travel.usnews.com, explains, “Unlike many other national parks, the Grand Canyon is home to several restaurants and grocery stores, meaning you won’t have to necessarily stock up before you enter the park. There are an abundance of establishments on the South Rim (especially Grand Canyon Village), and fewer resources on the North Rim.” Therefore, finding  place to eat should not be much of a problem. However, you still need to remember that this is the great outdoors and even the most experienced hiker can get lost on the trails there, so be prepared and bring a map and a first aid kit.

If you are looking for a beach vacation, then Boca Raton might just be what you are looking for. This beach is located 50 miles north of Miami, Florida, in a region known as the Palm Beaches. This beautiful beach was built specifically for tourists. Like traveling to the Grand Canyon, you will find that you will get better deals in mid-August instead of the middle of summer. Most places are easily reached as they are within a walking distance, or, if desired, you could use the Downtowner (a free ride service). Using these modes of transportation will save you lots of money, since parking fees can be pricey there. Boca Raton has many free entertainment activities, like attending a free concert series in Miznar Park, checking out Boca Raton Museum of Art, or going to see the American farm-to-table fare. So, go enjoy your dream beach vacation.

If you are more interested in a more historical and educational trip, then consider Williamsburg, Virginia. This town is rich with history and isn’t far away. Visit the famous Jamestown settlement, and learn about Captain John Smith and Pocahontas’ role in smoothing the relationship between the settlers and the Powhatan confederacy. Visitors can learn all about the history through going to the live museum, educational exhibits, and monuments for this event. The many historical museums will keep you busy. If you feel like coming back to the 21st century, then go shopping at the Williamsburg premium outlets, or go to the Busch Gardens amusement park. There is surprisingly a lot to do in this little town and hotel prices are usually a regular price, and not too commonly overpriced.

These are all just samples of places to visit throughout our unique country. There are many more towns and cities you can explore and, if you are smart and research the location before you visit, then you can save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket and still have an amazing summer. If you still need help planning your summer vacation, then possibly visit https://www.tripadvisor.com/ or go to https://www.kayak.com


Picture source; Utah.com

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