Anticipating the Start of Boating Season

By: Payton Hefright

As a rural area, our spot in Northern Pennsylvania allows for some great opportunities to spend summer outdoors. One of the most popular activities is getting outside and spending a day boating or kayaking. As the weather grows warmer and the sky gets clearer, avid sailors look forward to taking to the water. The Squire talked to some individuals who have some experience with the activity, and learned some tips on how to spend the perfect summer day on a boat or kayak.

The first person The Squire interviewed was boating veteran and outdoorsmen of Russell, Craig Hefright, who enjoys hitting the lakes of Pennsylvania and New York on his speed boat. Craig shared that his favorite location to boat is Kinzua Lake in New York. This is because there is “no commercially developed shoreline.” Craig described his perfect day boating, “[Being] on the water at 8:00am fishing till lunch. Water sports [skiing] all afternoon until shoreline dinner with friends hanging out until dark.”

According to our water sports expert, some other great activities are sunbathing, fishing, tubing, skiing, and exploring the lake. One water sport in specific is tubing. Tubing entails riding an inner tube while being pulled along by a boat, and is an especially popular sport for kids, who shriek with delight as the boat speeds around the lake and their tube threatens to flip over. Along the shore of the lake, there are also large rocks that provide the perfect places to hang out, sunbathe, or, on days where the lake is high enough, places to jump off and into the water. If you’re wondering just when you’ll get the opportunity to explore Kinzua, Craig predicted that it would get warm enough in May, but the water will still be quite cold. The end of the school year just might be the perfect time to get out there and see what Kinzua has to offer.

Juniors Lilly Darling and Lindsay Finch both have some experience kayaking during the summer season. Their most frequented places, according to Lindsay, are probably the Allegheny River and the reservoir at Chapman Dam. Some advice for those new to the activity is to, “Be prepared.” Lilly suggested that those spending the day on the water should “Bring sunscreen, snacks, and water.” Lindsay agreed, and also made the comment that it is good exercise, especially for the arms, due to all the rowing. With your arms busy, however, it provides a great opportunity to chat with your friends or take in the beautiful scenery.

Going kayaking with friends or family can be a fun social activity, and investing in a kayak would allow for countless days enjoying nature rather than spending your summer inside! Some places to purchase a kayak for this summer are Walmart, Dunham’s, Tractor Supply, and Allegheny Outfitters. Allegheny Outfitters and Conewango Kayak & Canoe Rental offer kayak rentals as well.



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