Student Spotlight Shines on Madison Ring

By: Tess Morningstar

Eisenhower is filled with many talented and interesting students. For this issue of The Squire, we will be focusing on senior Madison Ring. Madison, who moved to the area during middle school, has become a person to be fond of with many friends and is a high achieving student here at Eisenhower. To learn more about Madison, The Squire sat down with her find out more about her plans and interests.

The Squire: Where else have you lived and or gone to school?

Madison Ring: I moved here from Baltimore, Maryland where I went to Arbutus Middle School.

TS: How does Eisenhower compare to the previous school you attended?

MR: Eisenhower is a lot smaller than the schools in Baltimore. The size here allows me to interact with my teachers more one on one.

TS: What is your plan after high school?

MR: I plan to attend Slippery Rock University and double major in Biology and Chemistry.

TS: What are your hobbies outside of school?

MR: I enjoy spending my time relaxing and watching Netflix.

TS: What is your favorite subject to study and why?

MR: Biology or Chemistry would be my favorite, because I love science and understanding how everything works.

TS: What school activities are you involved in?

MR: I am involved in Band, Choir, and National Honor Society.

TS: What will you miss the most about high school?

MR: I will miss my friends and some of my teachers.

TS: What are you looking forward to most about graduating?

MR: I want to know what being independent feels like and to meet new people.

Madison Ring is an excellent student and a great friend. If you want to learn more about her, just ask her: she is easy to talk to. Madison has become a big part of our school. She was not hard to choose for this article, with her stellar grades and her involvement in extra-curricular activities that keep her on her toes. Balancing schoolwork and other activities are not always easy, but Madison seems to have it figured out. The Squire thanks Madison for her time and wishes her the best in her future.

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