Being Jolly and Giving Joy

By: Alexis Courtney

Everyone loves receiving, but giving is a whole other story. Waking up Christmas morning, walking downstairs, seeing presents under the tree is one of the best feelings, especially for a child. It is a beautiful holiday, but it sometimes can be easy to overlook the less fortunate who are not able celebrate the way most can.

Some people, however, really go out of their way to help those in need during this time of year. The Squire sat down with Mr. Huebach, teacher and Key Club advisor at Eisenhower Middle/Senior High, to ask him a few questions about what he does to help others during this charitable time of year. Mr. Huebach, who is a part of the “Kawana’s along with Key Club and the Lions Club” values giving back during the holidays.  Eisenhower students have the opportunity to give back along with Mr. Huebach, as he is the advisor of Key Club, which works together with Kawanas.  The Lions Club is a separate entity that works to help provide eyeglasses and sight for those in need.

Some may feel that, as a young person with little or no income, it may be hard to help out others. However, you do not need money to help out during the holiday season. You can bake something like cookies, casseroles, or any desserts. Also you could clean out your room or house and find things you do not use anymore to donate to children who may not be able to get anything on Christmas morning. There are also little things you can do such as, making cards, helping at soup kitchens, or even just visiting or decorating a nursing home. All these are easy and low-budget ways to give back during the holidays.

If you and your family do have a budget for giving back this year, there are programs for sponsoring families and children in need. You can contact a local church or Salvation Army to get all of the details. Our most local Salvation Army is located at 4210 Market St, Warren, PA 16345. You can also call them at (814)-406-0000. During the holidays, you can shop for the person you are assigned, which can range anywhere from a teenage boy to toddler girl. You pick your gift, put your child’s name on it, then drop it off in a designated spot. This is called Operation Christmas Child.

Overall, there is many ways to pay it forward whether you’re spending all the money you are able to, or not spending money at all, but rather giving your time. Whether you are 10 to 100 years old, doing the simple, little things can completely change somebody’s holiday experience. The Squire encourages you to have joy and spread joy this holiday season!

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