Eisenhower Students Bring Back School Spirit

By: Shannon Kellogg

Entering the 2017/2018 school year, many frustrated Eisenhower High School students made the decision to take charge in their clubs and sports in an effort to boost school spirit in the student body. Some of the main groups involved include the Varsity Cheerleading Squad, Student Council, and Journalism. The students in these groups have been working together to reach out to the student body and get them excited to be a part of EMHS.

The need for an increase in school spirit was brought up by many juniors and seniors at Eisenhower. When The Squire asked students to rate Eisenhower’s overall school spirit on a scale of 1 to 10, with the majority rating the spirit level at a score of 5 or lower. Some even wrote in a zero on the scale to display their frustration with how little the student body is involved. After The Squire asked Student Council member and EHS athlete, Delaney Nizzi, what school spirit meant to her, she replied, “Everything. It means representing your school positively and being a part of something bigger than yourself.” Delaney’s response is one that many students at Eisenhower would agree with. If you don’t have school spirit, you have nothing.

During crash week, the Varsity Cheerleaders came together to discuss the lack of spirit and pep the student body has, and how they could help. They decided to reach out to others in their classes and clubs to spread the word and ask for ideas and support. After collaborating with The Cheerleading Boosters, family, friends, and community members, the Cheerleaders began the process by becoming active and voicing their thoughts to their clubs and groups.

Within the first two weeks of school the students created The Pig Pen, the new and improved student section for sporting events. Students in Journalism used the social media accounts to reach out to students and announce themes for The Pig Pen and post about other events happening at EHS in order to get more students involved. When asked how The Pig Pen affects Eisenhower’s athletes, Varsity Lady Knight Volleyball player and junior, Cameran Edwards, said, “When the crowd is pumped up and making noise, we’re making better plays and responding to the spirit. It keeps me up and ready to give it my all.”

For homecoming week, the students were eager to get Eisenhower excited about the events. According to Delaney Nizzi, Junior in Student Council, Student Council tried to create themes for each day of spirit week that everybody could participate in. They even offered prizes each day to a boy and girl from middle level and high school who participated the best in the theme. To add to the fun, they also organized a pep assembly and bonfire, which included the announcement of homecoming court, the singing of the National Anthem by Senior Choir, and the performance of the cheerleaders’ dance.

Finally the big night came around: the Eisenhower Knights took on the Seneca Bobcats in the Pasture of Pain for the Homecoming Game. The cheerleaders spent all afternoon planning and decorating the bleachers. The Marching Band practiced their cheerful, peppy tunes. The students and community came together, all decked out in their blue and gold. After weeks of hard work, the school and community came together for possibly the best display of school spirit that Eisenhower has seen in years.

Cameran Edwards said it best, “School spirit is everything. We’ve spent most of our lives at EHS and it’s basically a second home…” No matter who you are, or where you come from, when you’re at Eisenhower, you’re a part of the family. So we might as well come together and enjoy it.

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