Springing into Song

By: Brittany Arp

The birds aren’t the only things singing a song this spring. The Eisenhower Senior Choir will be hosting their annual spring concert on June 1. The two hour-long spring serenade will begin approximately around 7pm. The concert will be led by choir director, Ms. McMonigal, and The Squire was lucky enough to sit down with her before the important event.

The Squire: How did you choose the songs for this year’s spring concert?
Joy McMonigal: Myself, as well as some of the students, went through our Choir Library to pick music we found appealing. I also researched arrangements of some more current music, which students had brought to my attention as an interest to sing for the concert.
TS: How have you prepared your students for the concert?
JM: We have been rehearsing the majority of the selected music since about the middle of January, adding in a song here or there that may have come up. While preparing, we work as a group, and break into sections, as well as listen to performances done by other ensembles of the same piece of music.
TS: What all goes into planning a concert?
JM: Once the music has been selected, we jump right in to the rehearsals. We learn the songs, add instrumentation, figure out the best order for the songs, and then tweak dynamics and pronunciation. Before we know it, it is time for the concert.
TS: Will the high school and middle school be performing together, or separately?
JM: Middle school and high school have separate concerts in the spring. The Middle Level Choir Concert is Thursday, May 25 and Senior High Choir Concert is Thursday, June 1. Both of these events will take place at 7:00 PM.
TS: Are there any seniors performing solos this year?
JM: We do have several seniors singing solos this spring. These include, but are not limited to, Sarah Dietsch, Mikki Gifford, and Megan Wilson.
TS: Will the senior choir be performing in any other concerts this year?
JM: After Senior Choir and Fantasia perform at their Spring Concert, they will be also performing at Baccalaureate on Sunday, June 11.
TS: What is your favorite part about teaching music?
JM: I love watching students grow in learning their music. A lot of times when they are initially getting their music in hand, they struggle, get frustrated, and decide they may or may not like a song. As the process continues, I love to watch them learn the parts, and hear the harmonies and dynamics. Eventually, there is a light bulb that comes on for them. They have decided they like the song, no longer struggle with the rhythms and harmonies and it all comes together. I adore THAT moment.
TS: As a whole, how was your first year at Eisenhower?
JM: My first year at Eisenhower has been great. The students are so much fun to work with in choir and I have enjoyed getting to know them all. The faculty and staff are like one big family and they never hesitate to support and help each other out.

The Senior Choir has been preparing for months, and all of the students are excited to showcase their lovely singing abilities. Check back to The Squire to see any updates on future concerts performed by our EMHS students, such as at Baccalaureate.

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