Boys Spring Sports are in Full Swing

By: Troy Myer

The snow is finally all melted and the boys are hitting the track, and the diamond, both with new head coaches looking to send kids off to districts and compete in the d10 playoffs. Also, EHS has several students playing spring soccer out in Jamestown, and junior, Alex Fincher, playing on Warren’s Tennis team. We are about midseason for all spring sports, and student athletes are trying to get district times for track or get some more wins for a better seed in playoffs in baseball. I asked senior captain, Owen Nizzi, and junior, Nick Smelko, a few questions about their teams, their seasons, and their coaches.

The Squire: How is the team doing so far?
Owen Nizzi: Well, Ike Track has not been having a great season thus far, but as the season is winding down, we are noticing personal bests and improvements toward district qualifying times and distances.
Nick Smelko: This season has been a rude awakening from last year, but we are still trying our best hoping to get some wins.
TS: How is your new head coach doing?
ON: Coach Dave is a great guy; he pushes us to our limits and tries to make the team the best as it can be.
NS: He’s doing a good job; he’s really working to make sure that our mechanics are at a varsity level.
TS: And how do you think he could improve?
ON: He’s doing very well at coaching; I don’t think there are many improvements to be made, except getting on the bus at departure time.
NS: He could make an effort to try to practice outside more, and focus more on decreasing the amount of errors.
TS: What is a strength the team has?
ON: I’d have to say team spirit. Great karaoke and sing alongs. Other than that, we are well-rounded.
NS: The pitching staff is working hard and doing very well.
TS: What is a weakness the team has?
ON: To be honest, it’s probably our distance. Most of the throwers and sprinters can hold their own.
NS: Our team could use more experience and hitting is a big area of needed improvement as well.
TS: How do you think absences have affected the team.
NS: People aren’t in the best shape after taking time off from running, but we are slowly coming back.
TS: How does your attitude affect the team?
NS: You just gotta go out there and give it your all.
TS: How do you think the team will do at districts?
ON: Certain people will do well.
TS: How do you think the playoff picture is looking?
NS: Right now, not too well, but we are hoping for the best.
TS: Thank you Nick Smelko and Owen Nizzi.

That about wraps it up for spring sports; tune in to W-IKE News for upcoming dates and an end of the season update!

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