Girls Winter Sports in Full Swing

By: Nick Smelko

The start of cold weather and snow falling means that winter sports are in full swing. The EHS girls’ winter sports have been practicing hard to get better every day and perfect their game. Both Junior Varsity and Varsity girls basketball as well as the cheerleaders have been in the gym preparing for the start of games and competitions. The competition will be fierce this year, so the teams will really have to work hard if they are to achieve the goals they have this season.

The girls are looking forward to having a good year and getting the season started. Coach Logue shared his thoughts on the upcoming season with The Squire, “The girls could have the type of season they want, if they put in the time and effort needed to get there.” The Squire sat down with junior player, Savannah McKown, and freshman, Caroline Smelko, to discuss the upcoming season.

The Squire: What do you think are the team’s greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Savannah and Caroline: Our team’s biggest weakness is shooting. The team’s greatest strengths are playing solid defense and working hard.

TS: How do you think practices have been going so far this year?

SM & CS: They have been productive so far.

TS: How so?

SM & CS: We have been learning the new offensive plays and working on the defensive side as well.

The cheerleading squad, led by new coach, Tara Williams, is looking to do some big things at the competitions this coming season. This year, standout Warren County male cheerleaders Jeremy Carlson and Adam Pascuzzi, are back for their senior year on the floor. Jeremy Carlson spoke with The Squire about the upcoming season.

The Squire: What is your favorite part about cheerleading and why?

Jeremy Carlson: I love to spend quality time just hanging with the girls, whether it’s at cheer sleepovers, squad bonding, or out on the mat doing what we were born to do. It’s my favorite because I enjoy getting to know them a lot better and I consider these gals my sisters.

TS: Do you think the new coach will help you win more competitions? Why?

JC: I believe that the new coach will bring lots of energy and new opportunities to the team. Tara Williams, the new coach, was a stellar cheerleader herself back in the day and plans to bring much “jewelry” home from the competitions.

TS: As a male cheerleader, what is your role on the squad?

JC: I’m glad you asked, Nick, as I am made fun of almost on the daily for taking part in this wonderful “sport,” I can assure you that sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. On the field, I am a backer, which means I help steady the girls and throw them. Off the field, I see myself as an inspiration to young men and am always there for the girls for emotional support.

Stay tuned to the W-IKE Morning Show for updates on both girls basketball and cheerleading.  Good luck this season, girls!

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