EMHS teachers Mr. and Mrs. Vanatta talk about their Valentine's Day.

It’s A Date

By: Taylor Haner

Valentine’s Day is a well-known holiday that is dedicated to celebrating friendship and love. Everyone spends this day of love differently.  It can be hard to come up with a great plan to impress the person you’re eyeing up. A good start would be setting up a romantic or fun date!

To plan a date, it takes effort and requires some extra time using your noggin. Every person is different and likes different things. That means that if you’re going to choose a date, you should consider what this persons interests are. Does your date like being active and having a fun time while still spending some quality time together? Taking them to go bowling or play laser tag would be your best bet! After you get done knocking down pins or shooting each other with lasers, settle down the fun with a nice meal. Chocolate is always a nice touch, too.

If your date isn’t really into that much physical activity, a romantic sit down dinner and a movie is always the go-to choice. This dinner gives you and your date time to really talk and get to know each other. Surprising your date with flowers would also be a great ice breaker. The more intricate planning and details you put into this date, the more impressed your date will be. It’s the thought that counts!

If your date leaves all the plans up to you and you’re not sure what you’re date is interested in, take that person ice skating! First, show up to your date’s house in your sweet ride, open the car door to show you have class, and drive them to an ice skating rink. Before you go to get out, give them a typical heart-shaped box of chocolates and a dozen red roses. This, even though it’s very cliché, will make your date very happy. After the two of you ice skate until your feet hurt, go home and cook that person a nice meal. Light some candles, play some romantic music, and instantly fall in love because of your amazing date planning skills.

The Squire went to Mr. Vanatta and Mrs. Vanatta to see what they have to say about this holiday filled with love. Mr. Vanatta will answer some questions first.

The Squire: What are your Valentine’s Day plans with the Mrs. this year?

Mr. Vanatta: I’m going to secretly get her flowers and a card signed “me” because on our first date I didn’t sign my name, I signed “me.” It’s hard to go out because we have kids.

TS: What do you usually do?

MV: Usually it’s a school day so we’re both working, but I’ll stop at Walmart in the morning and get her flowers and grab some gifts from the kids for her.

TS: What is the best gift you have ever given her?

MV: Probably jewelry… that was before kids.

Now to see what Mrs. Vanatta has to say…

TS: What is the Mr. planning for you this Valentine’s Day?

Mrs. Vanatta: I’m going to guess he’s going to take me out to dinner.

TS: What do you usually do on Valentine’s Day?

MV: Uhh… nothing.

TS: What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

MV: His love!

Maybe Mr. Vanatta will read this and get a good date idea this year, like taking Mrs. Vanatta out to dinner. Thank you for your time answering these questions, Mr. Vanatta and Mrs. Vanatta. Make sure you take your special someone out and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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