Let’s be Alone Together this Valentine’s Day

By: Samara Warren Media Manager

2016 is already passing by faster than ever, and we’ve entered the second month of the year – February. This is the month that no one can spell or seem to stand anymore, all because it holds the sacred day of February 14. The special day of romance has made single men and women want to vomit since about 270 A.D., but it’s 2016 now and everyone still seems to get sick at just the thought of this day. I’m here to teach you a thing or two about making your single Valentine’s Day better than any other person could.

As the smell of love and affection suffocates your airways and spreads throughout your entire respiratory system, you can always lock yourself in your room and watch every horror movie you own. It will remind you that not every story has a happy ending, and not to ever go into an abandoned house alone just to impress some girl. You could always spend Valentine’s Day alone with another person or group of people and get out of the dark dungeon you call your room. You and your friends could all go out to dinner, go ice skating, get coffee, or just get outside and go for a walk. However, be aware that going outside in public places means that you have to be prepared to encounter couples and their intense forms of PDA because it’s Valentine’s Day; can you feel the love, yet? If you want to avoid couples at all costs, invite your single friends to go sled riding in a deserted area, or host a movie day at your house and build some awesome blanket-forts.

If you are lonely on Valentine’s Day, don’t be upset. There are plenty of other single, bitter people who despise the day just like you, so you are never really alone. Always look at the sunny side of things; you’re saving yourself money, time, and effort that could be wasted on someone who does not appreciate you. Don’t be so bitter this Valentine’s Day and go take a nap; you deserve it.

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