EHS junior, Jeremy, and his deer

Filling the Freezer

By: Jake Harvey

The Christmas season is here, and most of the big game seasons are over. It was estimated that 750,000 hunters took to the woods on opening day to test their chances at getting a deer, according to CBS Pittsburgh. Rifle deer season ended on December 12, with deer archery and flintlock opening up on December 26 and ending on January 9. With the big game seasons over, small game seasons opened up as early as December 14, which is the Monday following the last day of rifle deer season. Squirrel, pheasant, and cotton rabbit seasons reopened the following Monday extending through February 29, excluding Christmas day. The season for snowshoe hares opens immediately after Christmas and ends January 1 with one hare daily and three in possession. The Squire caught up with Tiller Gang pro staffer Owen Nizzi to ask him about his hunting experiences this fall.

The Squire: What was your favorite hunt you went on this fall?

Owen Nizzi: When the only good bear camp in Scandia killed another brute, it weighed in at 513 pounds. I enjoyed spending time with my fellow compadres.

TS: What tags did you fill?

ON: I only happened to fill my buck tag, easily could have slayed a few slick heads if I would have had the proper tags.

TS: Are you planning on shooting anything late season or going back out for small game?

ON: You better bet your boots on that, when I’m not tilling up the land on my big green tractor, you can find me looking for stuff to harvest, of the crop or deer type.

TS: Do you know of anybody that shot any monsters this year?

ON: Of course I do: my grandpa and Jeremy Carlson. Along with fellow gang rival Steven Haner who laid the smack down on a buck he had shipped from Wyoming. #sickforit

There you have it folks, it’s never too late to send in your hunting pictures to be featured on The Squire website. If you are interested in hunting of any kind, find any tiller gang member to learn how to get started.

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