Our 2015 Homecoming King and Queen Samara Warren and Louie Head (Derek Lasecki). Congrats!

King and Queen Crowned

During half time at the football game against Saegertown on October 2, a large crowd faced the intense cold and gathered around to see the crowning of the homecoming king and queen.  After much anticipation, Seniors, Samara Warren and Louie Head, were officially named the 2015 homecoming queen and homecoming king under the Friday night lights.  Derek Lasecki, senior at EHS, happily accepted the crown for EHS quarterback Head, while former homecoming queen, Megan Hagberg, crowned Warren.  After being crowned, the royal couple and the rest of the homecoming court was taken away in a new Ford truck representing Eisenhower High School.  Congratulations Louie and Samara!

The Squire had the chance to meet up with Samara Warren and ask her about her recent title as queen.

TS: How does it feel to be the OFFICIAL 2015 homecoming queen?

SW: I have a crown. That’s about it.

TS: How did you earn your spot as queen?

SW: Naturally, I didn’t tell anybody to vote for me.

TS: Does your crown actually fit?

SW: Well it still does, but I broke the sides.

TS: Thanks Samara and congratulations!

After being crowned, the royal couple and the rest of the homecoming court were taken away in new Ford trucks representing Eisenhower High School.  The Squire asked senior homecoming king, Louie Head what it takes to be king. Head replied, “Getting the most votes“.  As the night ended and the homecoming dance approached the next day, all of the homecoming court, including Warren and Head, were asked to have a “court dance”.  Samara and Louie were very happy to be together, dancing like nobody was watching as king and queen on the night of October 3rd.

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