Homecoming 2019

Volume 34 Issue 1
Welcome back Knights! We are excited to publish our first issue of the year. Since it’s early in the school year, only our Journalism II & III members write for this issue. Keep scrolling to see our published work!

Click on the links below to check out this year’s Homecoming edition!

Homecoming 2019 Entertainment

Homecoming 2019 Sports

Homecoming 2019 News

Co-Editors: Lilly Darling, Delaney Chase, & Morgan Kellogg

Introducing this year’s Journalism II & III Squire staff reporters:

Lindsay Finch
Ayla Valone
Nate Acklin
Rachel Frederick
Shelby Kuzminski
Caroline Smelko
Lilly Darling
Dakota Chase
Logan Jaquay
Miranda Mong
Alexis Courtney
Jared Beers
Morgan Kellogg
Owen Trumbull
Brittany Smith
Courtney Arp
Zoie Olsen
Delaney Chase
Hope Hefright
Logan Abbott
Peyton Hefright
Dillon Benson
Alex Durante
Caroline Larson
Wyatt Tucker


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