Spring 2017

Volume 31
Issue 4

This is where you can find all of our Spring Squire articles, from prom prep and spring sports to college and concerts.

Eisenhower News



Prom 2017


Squire Staff

Brittany Arp Editor-in-Chief
Aniela Gesing Co-Editor
Jake Harvey Photo Editor
Dominick Giannini Media Manager
Rachel Bimber
John Bortz III
Eric Corse
Owen Nizzi
Adam Pascuzzi
Emily Rutsky
Jake Ruttenbur
Brandon Sweet
Thomas Warren
Andrew Bearfield
Maya Edwards
Benji Linkerhof
Anna McJunkin
Troy Myer
Nick Pratt
Nick Smelko
Ross Venman
Matthew Vibbert
Seth Voty
Megan Wilson

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